Raving Fans

Bow to the Empress of the Universe and one HECK of a realtor!  I can’t say enough about Mariah and the way she renovated our run down rental into a gorgeous home that we were excited to present for sale.

It was more than a ton of fun along the way!  At our first meeting, Mariah said with aplomb, “Just hand me the keys and walk away.  All you have to do is wait for your check!” She wasn’t kidding.  THAT’S the type of service all Realtors should provide.  I have met but one that does – Mariah!   Even before contracting with her, she had a marketing strategy together.  Not a generic marketing strategy, but a strategy specific to my house, and not just a Plan A, but a Plan B and Plan C. She had full knowledge of the market, past sales, current listings, and was able to keep my expectations and emotions in check.  She has great design and staging sense, knows what improvements make a house sell, and has the resources to bring it all together quickly and inexpensively to get a house on the market fast.  OK, I was a little nervous when she started noting paint colors with a Sharpie on the walls but it’s nothing a little primer can’t fix!

With an arsenal of professionals who are apparently at her beckon call, Mariah transformed both the interior and exterior of the house in about three weeks. The fact that she can get contractors to perform above and beyond with little notice speaks volumes about her professionalism and the respect she garners.

Mariah represented the buyers on the sale, as well.  Some sellers would be apprehensive about this, but experiencing the way Mariah dealt with inspectors, contractors, and me, I knew she would represent both sides fairly and equally.  It was actually a great transaction because I was confident that the buyers had just as great of an agent as I did.  And I did, indeed get a fat check at the end of the transaction! Bottom line is, with Mariah, you get a professional Realtor, designer, marketing expert, construction crew, and friend in one delightful package.  And lots of laughs along the way.  I cannot recommend her enough!

—Valerie Storm

“Buying a home can be one of the most stressful times in someone’s life. Having a dedicated, efficient, friendly, and tremendously knowledgeable agent makes all the difference in the world. We (my Fiance and I) met Mariah at an open house that she was having. She was friendly, funny, informative, and patient!! Because we were asking a thousand questions. she answered all of our questions and immediately we got such a great vibe from her that we though she was a great match to be our agent.

We didn’t want to believe that Mariah was this amazing agent that we had just ran into out of pure luck, so we decided to go look for other agents and compare. We were so disappointed to find out that not a lot of agents know WHAT THEY ARE DOING!!! We must of have met 10 different agents and nobody came close to the standards we had after meeting Mariah.

When we finally began the process of putting in offers it was hard and so heart breaking because we kept getting over bid, but Mariah never stopped encouraging us and and letting us know that WE WOULD GET A HOME!! She was such an optimistic, happy, friendly and down to earth agent. Whenever we had doubts or were down she would talk to us and we would regain our confidence because we knew we were in good hands and with the kind of agent she is we would absolutely get the perfect home for us.

We finally bought our home and are extremely grateful for having found her. She is excellent at what she does. She is the kind of agent that will give you all her attention and let you know she is focused on your desires and needs for a home. She has a great sense of humor, and she is very down to earth. She will always tell you the good and the bad about each house to avoid any kind of unwanted surprise. Overall we don’t think we could have found a better agent than Mariah. She is a beautiful person inside and out and an AMAZING AGENT!!!!!

— Jennifer Pavon and Yoni Cruz

“By the way she attended our every need, I could have SWORN we were Mariah’s ONLY clients. So imagine my surprise when I find out she’s magical. How else could someone give such great service to so many people at the same time?! Magic. That’s how.

As first time home buyers we were nervous, cautious with our money, and very knowledgeless about the home buying process. We needed someone we felt comfortable asking all the “stupid” questions… and I mean ALL of them, someone who would hold our hand without making us feel small. Mariah stood by and answered our questions confidently and in a way that we understood what she was actually talking about. I told her numerous times through the process that she should write “Home Buying for Dummies”.

Mariah’s availability and flexibility made the process smooth. My husband worked weekends and his weekly schedule changed constantly. Mariah rolled with the changes and met us quickly (sometimes within the hour) when we texted her, “Hey, what about this house…” At one point in our journey she even met with us on Thanksgiving morning because it was the only day My husband could see the house before the offer date.

Mariah made the process fun. She sang celebratory songs and pictured our lives with us in each house we looked at, she made us laugh all the time during a time that could have been wrought with stress. She cheered with us, sighed with us, cursed with us, and got us to think outside the box (which was my favorite attribute of hers). She even entertained our baby while my husband and I took a deeper look into each house.

She was patient with us when we, at the last minute, decided to not put in an offer, or when we weren’t willing to offer what was needed to win a house over. She jumped through hoops and was thorough in her knowledge. And because Mariah is so great to work with, she has an incredible team of people at her fingertips who help execute her magic.

I would recommend Mariah to anyone. Her commitment to excellence precedes her. She is dedicated and has an enthusiastic attention to detail that would serve anyone like royalty.”

— Courtnie & Josh Jensen

“The seller of the house I wanted was reluctant to meet on price, but Mariah kept in contact with seller’s agent without my prompting & let me know that she was still pursuing the purchase for me at the price I could pay and would do so until it was sold to another buyer or to me!  After three months we finally got the property at the price we originally offered.  Great agent I will recommend over & over.  She is terrific.”
— Kalene Phillips

“I’m not even sure where to begin with Mariah. This woman delivered services like I’ve rarely seen. She handled both the purchase of our new home the sale of our old home. With each transaction she demonstrated an in-depth knowledge of the current market conditions. We tested her patience more than a few times, but she was the consummate professional through it all. And now we have our dream home in Martinez! But buying a house is easy compared to selling… you see it, you like it, you buy it. (Oh, I forgot to mention how she connected us to a competent mortgage broker who secured our loan in spite of the fact that we had a commercial foreclosure on record.)

Let’s talk about selling.

For starters, our old house was in Bay Point, need I say more? That would have stopped 90% of realtors dead in their tracks, but not Mariah! And it was built in 1932; that would have stopped the last 10%, but not Mariah!!

Here are just a few of the feats that Mariah accomplished:

  1. She successfully worked with the county to update the square footage of the house and property.
  2. She managed all of the construction improvement projects necessary for the sale.
  3. She staged the house so beautifully that my friends said I should move back in!
  4. After 2 days of Open House, we had 11 offers in hand; 9 above asking price.
  5. She handled my husband like he was putty in her hands (I’ve been married for 10 years and still have not figured out how to do this!)
  6. She held both our hands up until funds hit our bank account while using her other hand to file a “Demand to Close Escrow”
  7. Sold our house for $86,000 over asking price.

If it were up to us, we’d name our first granddaughter after Mariah.

—Joanne and Phil Peterson

Mariah was a God send. She had to do a lot of hand holding during our transaction because there seemed to be issue after issue (which was out of her control). It was our first home purchase so she was very good at explaining the process and all of the forms and processes included. If it weren’t for Mariah and her creativity, we would not have been able to buy the house. She is knowledgeable, friendly, and incredibly helpful. We owe her many thanks for all of her hard work. I would recommend Mariah to everyone and anyone.
—Jennifer Baker